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Published: 05th July 2010
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Manufacturer of Fuel Tanks

Transcube is manufacturer of fuel tanks in US and Canada. Our fuel tanks are used to hazardous and non hazardous material. We manufacture DOT approved fuel transportation tank which include transportable fuel tank, double skinned tank, fuel trailers, trailers for site etc. we export tanks to countries in Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Products Offered

Transcube is the leading manufacture of fuel tanks in Canada and USA. Our range of products includes DOT approved fuel transportation tank, fuel trailer for road, fuel trailer for site, double wall fuel tank and Bio-fuel tank. We provide fuel transportation tank in Middle East, Canada, US, Asia and Europe.

Transcube Transportable Fuel Tank

Transcube manufacture high quality transportable fuel tank. Range of transportable fuel tank includes UN approved fuel transportation tanks and ADR approved transport fuel tanks for Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, DOT approved fuel transportation tank and UL approved transportable fuel tank for US and IBC approved transportation fuel tank. Transportable fuel tanks are available in different capacity.

Transcube Cab

Transcube cab provides multi tasking, double wall transportation fuel tank. Fuel tanks are environmentally safe for storage of fuel this is also used as fuel transportation tanks in US and fuel transportation tanks in Europe.


Transcube offers transportable fuel tank and storage fuel tank. This fuel tank is UN approved fuel tank for transportation and has ability to feed 3 generators and refuel equipment at the same time.

Bio-Fuel Tank

Transcube offers best fuel tanks to countries in Middle East, Europe, Asia and US. Bio-Fuel tanks are double walled fuel transportation tanks. These tanks are available with heaters to prevent fuel from solidifying.

Fuel Trailers

Transcube is the leading manufacturer of fuel tank in Canada and USA. It offers fuel trailers for road and fuel trailers for site which enable fast and easy deployment of fuel.


Every industry has to rely on distributors to capture market. Transcube has strong distributor for distribution of transportation fuel tanks in Middle East, transportation fuel tank in Canada, fuel trailer for road, fuel trailer for site, diesel fuel tank, containerized tanks, double skinned fuel tank etc.


Transcube provides high quality transportation fuel tanks, transport trailers, trailers for road, trailers for site, diesel fuel tanks, ADR approved transportation tanks, DOT approved transportation fuel tanks in Canada and to other countries in Middle East, Asia, Europe, US.

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